NEW OWNERS a Meats on Brooke Street-‘The Fat Butcher Inglewood’

THANK YOU James and Pat Clee

After 10 years as Meats on Brooke Street we have decided to mix things up a bit and change our name to The Fat Butcher and because they say a change is as good as a holiday.

The shop is having a face lift as well please bare with us as we shift things around and update our beautiful building.

The Fat Butcher Inglewood still ages it’s Beef offering premium Aged beef for the discerning buyer. We purchase Cattle directly from Farms of “Kiabella”, Colin Hall and PhilLora.  All of these Farmers pride themselves in the breeding quality Cattle, striving for excellence and high level animal husbandry compliance.

Breeds on offer are Belgian Blue and Belgian Blue crossed with Black Angus beef cattle, and Pure breed Murray Grey’s.  

With Carcasses between 240-270 Kgs dressed weight. After Aging for 21 plus day the Beef is very tender which makes them highly sought after by many good Butchers and eating quality for you!

The cattle we purchase at The Fat Butcher are transported in groups of two, directly from the Farm to the Abattoirs which is only all within Central Victoria. This practice significantly reduces the stress on the cattle which in turn produces relaxed, tender meat.  This system allows us to track the meat from the Farm to the plate.